Disappearing Act
The terrible trio: your lipstick seems to vanish, the color fades, or it bleeds on seemingly everything but your lips. Here are the lip fixes you need:

If your lipstick disappears: The culprit is the amount of wax that was used to make it (usually rose wax and/or beeswax) or the oils (mineral oil or lanolin) that make the lipstick glide. Mix high wax content with a hot day, and your lipstick literally melts away. (Run your lipstick on the back of your hand: if it is very slippery and seems to melt, it probably has a high wax content) The remedy: dot some loose translucent or pale powder on your lips, brush off any excess, and then apply your lipstick.

If the color fades after eating or kissing and the lipstick is gone from the middle of your mouth, then the villain is not enough 'pigment' or color in the lipstick itself - like those 'sheer' or 'stains' that are so popular. To see where your lipstick color stands: run it on the back of your hand, and then run your finger back and forth over it. If the color disappears then there is not enough pigment to 'grab' the skin. If the lipstick stains the skin, it is a definite sign that your lipstick will stay on longer.

If your lipstick feathers and bleeds, then too much moisture is the problem. You can try the powder trick as in the disappearing lipstick act, but also note that your foundation and moisturizer can be the culprit as well. To find a lipstick that won't run all over, do the run on the back of the hand trick, but look for a lipstick that goes on with a bit of a give, not too slippery, yet not too chalky matte either. You may also try a product called a "lipstick base" - slightly waxy and clear, they are formulated to keep lipstick in place.

A final golden rule: whatever skin color you have that you don't like (like blue or gray under eye circles, redness, pink, etc....), try not to copy in your lipstick color or undertone as well. Like wearing a red dress with sunburn, it only places a spotlight on the problem. 


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