This season's makeup features emphasized eyes and lips.  When they are both harmonious in tone, the golden rule of style (when everything is bold, nothing is bold) works beautifully to your advantage: the combined bravado dilutes the overall impact into a beautiful well-balanced face.

When choosing your shadow(s) or a duo or trio compact, make sure the tones all work together.  Make sure you have one shade that will act as a base for the makeup, the others being for contour and/or highlighting. Therefore, your base shade, (usually the medium tone in a trio or the lightest tone in a duo) must look great on its own.  (A hint when buying a multi colored compact is to make sure your base shade has the most product in the compact or see if you can purchase more of it in a separate, stand alone package.)  The base shadow is all you may need during the day.  Adding highlight and contour to your eyes is a fast and easy way to change from a day to evening look.

In general, women have a better idea of which lipstick color looks best on them opposed to choosing the right shadow color.  (If you are not so sure, click here to check our of chart with ideal lip shades each hair and eye color combination). Let your lip color choice pave the way. 

If you favor a neutral lip color, cinnamons, siennas, and peaches are the ideal shadow choices. A warm and natural lip (red based) color your passion? Then reds, tawnies and corals shadows will be a prefect compliment.  Likewise, pink, rose and fushia work best with cool (blue based) lips.  Finally, for elegant and sophisticated evenings and those who are a bit more adventurous in their makeup, the newest shades in shadow: violets, blues and berries, are available in the entire spectrum from warm to cool and subtle too bold. Applied with a careful hand, they are dramatic and fresh.

A final hint: before beginning to apply your eye makeup, place a dusting of powder under your eyes: this allows you to wipe off any shadow that may fall from the brush onto your face, saving the foundation underneath from needing to be removed and reapplied, once you are finished.

Remember your shadow and lip colors do not need to match, but should be in the same family.  You want people to notice you eyes, not your makeup.  If eyes are the windows to the soul, no one will want to get inside if they cannot see through the drapes!


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