Almond shaped eyes


(Eyes are well balanced; outer corners are tilted up)


1) Apply medium shade from lashline to brow. Add the dark shade to the crease and blend up to the browbone. Apply the lightest shade to the center of the lid and under the brow from the arch out to the sides
2) Use liner on both top and bottom lids, softly smudging the line into lashes
3) Apply two even coats of mascara

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Close set eyes


(the space between the eyes is smaller than the length of one eye)


1) Apply lightest shade as a base from lashline to brow.  Add medium shade to inner corner of the lid at the crease to add the illusion of depth and wider spacing. Apply the darkest shade to the outer third corner of lid from lashline to and fading completely as it reaches the brow. Go back with your lightest shade to add a highlight on the area just under the arch of your eyebrow
2) Eyeliner on both upper and lowers lids should concentrate on the outer third of the eye.
3) Apply mascara evenly to upper lashes and sparingly on lower lashes. Then apply a second coat to the outer upper lashes only, drawing emphasis away from the inner corners of the eyes

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Deep-set eyes


(eyes appear smaller that they really are, brow seems overly prominent)


1) Apply the lightest shade from lashline to brow.  Blend the medium shade from the crease down towards the lashes.  Apply the darkest shade above the crease, blending upwards
Highlight the entire area under the brow with the lightest shade
2) Liner should be used with a very light hand, only to define the lash line
3) Mascara should be applied evenly to both upper and lower lashes, combing them well if you use more than one coat

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Droopy eyes


(crease is not visible, brow area is fleshy)


1) Avoid frosted shades all together.  Apply lightest shade as a base.  Add medium shade to the hooded area and blend upwards.  Skip the dark shade, as additional contouring only emphasizes the problem.  Highlight the area directly above the arch and blend towards the inner and outer corners. 
2) Apply liner to lower lids only (lining upper lids would only add more darkness)
3) Add 2 coats of mascara to both lashes, helping to bring the entire eye area forward

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