By María Elena Bourbón,
Beauty Editor, Todo Ahora
January 2, 2003

A typical day in the Bourbón household: pandemonium had set in before my feet had even hit the floor. By the time I played short order cook, wardrobe adviser and emergency seamstress, I had exactly fifteen minutes to hit the road.

En route to the office, my cell phone sang it's lovely song. It was my boss, telling me the photographers would meet me at the shoot. But wait… the shoot is on Tuesday and this is…oh my stars! This morning, one of the "biggies" in the cosmetics' game is shooting the commercial for their spring make-up collection. As the beauty editor, this was my turf. I soon realized that the time I had spent on the phone in the car was usually the time I apply my make-up. At a location filled with a team of professionals spending the day to get one already gorgeous creature looking inhumanly flawless, I was there with a naked face and dark circles. Dabbing on some lipstick and borrowing the "fashion editor look," I put on my sunglasses as I entered the studio.

"What's with the shades?" Eduardo chided me. Eduardo Fernandez is to make-up what El Greco is to painting. I lifted my glasses quickly so he could see what I was hiding. He just motioned for me to have a seat in the make-up chair. He did not pick up a brush, sponge or puff. What he did pick up was his tweezers. "Well-groomed brows are the most important feature in defining the face," he declared. He then applied Anbesol to my brows, "you won't feel a thing this way," he explained. I took out my tape recorder to capture his expert advice. I now follow these tips at home with perfect results everytime and am delighted to share them with you.


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