First the rules:



One: Never ever shave your brows! Your natural arch is lost forever as the shape is often distorted as the follicles grow back.

Two: Less is more. Think of it as thinning your brows. You can always go back and remove more hairs but once a big chunk is missing, you are out of  "pluck."

Three:  Since plucking does not wash off, take your time. Once you have defined the shape, maintenance is both quick and easy.

.Where to begin
Take a make-up pencil and hold it vertically on the inside of the bridge of your nose. Where the pencil meets your brow is the inside point of where your brows should begin. Make a mark with the tip of the pencil right on the spot so you know where to start.

Where to end
Take the pencil and place one end on the bridge of your nose so its position is parallel with the inner corner of your eye. Angle the pencil out towards your ear, making sure it crosses over the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil meets brow is where they should end.

Grab the tweezers
Go to the mark on the outside of your brow (the one near your hairline) and begin removing the lowest row of hairs from below the natural arch. Always pluck the hairs in the direction they grow. If the area is still too dense, you may go back and remove another layer.  Just to make a quick check on what nature gave you; the curve of the arch should be directly above the pupil of your eye. What you are looking for is a smooth line extending from the high point of the arch out to the end of your brow. Overplucking cuts your brows off prematurely, destroying the framing quality your brows give not just your eyes, but your whole face.

Back to the middle
Locate the marks on the inside edges of your brows. Go the center point above the bridge of your nose and working out toward your ears, remove any stray hairs that extend from the mark. Repeat this for the other eye. The final result should be a clean, smooth and natural starting point for your brows.

The finishing touch
Grab a soft toothbrush or an old mascara wand (cleaned of course), and comb your brows downwards. They should be fairly uniform in length. Tame any extra long hairs with scissors. (Remember our rule: less is more. You can always go back and give another snip.)  Finally, comb your brows back in their natural direction and behold the beautiful new you!


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