By Harlan Yaffe,
Fashion Editor for Todo Ahora
May 16, 2003

Aside from "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and the theme to "Gilligan's Island," the other song we all know the lyrics to is "The Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)."  We will probably be hearing that little ditty a lot in the coming months as summer weddings account for 52% of the total marriage ceremonies taking place in any calendar year, especially in the month of July. Not a new phenomenon at all, brides have been aisle bound in the month of July from the beginning of recorded history. The gregarious garden blooms  and the abundance of honey (thanks to the work of those busy bees the month before) was thought to endow couples hitched during this month with a fruitful future. In these days of family planning, the preponderance of July weddings has more to do with the glorious weather and capitalization of the long Memorial Day weekend than the fertility rites of Mother Nature. While the wedding dress has evolved and changed dramatically over the millenniums, one thing has remained constant about being a bride: at least they know what to wear. Then there are the rest of us. Choosing a wedding gift is easy; deciding what to wear to the nuptials is not.  

The words may be engraved right on the invitation; daytime, evening, formal, informal, white-tie or black tie: but what do they really tell you in terms of dressing appropriately? In our modern world of escalated informality and blurred rules of protocol, they probably say very little.  If you have ever spent a Sunday afternoon going round robin on the telephone with your equally confused fellow wedding attendees, then you know exactly what I mean.  As for your husband, well, he cannot seem to get the grip on casual Fridays, so he is of no help.  Have you ever shelled out $250 for a sea-foam green, ballerina length, acetate chiffon, bridesmaid monstrosity?  When looking like a water lily that exploded on a major kitchen appliance is less painful than navigating your closet as a wardrobe weary wedding guest, we are here to help.  Based on a consensus of opinions from both leading bridal magazines and recognized etiquette experts, our "Aisle Style" guide will take the guesswork out of what to wear to weddings.  As for why she is marrying him? Well, no one can explain that.


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