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If we play chemist again and cross-pollinate our primary and secondary colors, we produce intermediate or tertiary colors: green-blue, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, orange-yellow, and yellow-green.  The color wheel is starting to look a little more familiar and interesting now. More importantly, it is also much more complete.  With no more imagination of even the most anal-retentive Republican incumbent candidate, you could accurately place just about any color you think of on a typical 12-shade color wheel.  This is also a very valuable tool when formulating attractive color combinations.

Complementary colors are found opposite each other on the color wheel, providing high contrast and visual impact. It is no accident that these are a favorite choice for active wear and athletic jerseys. This color scheme is a bit brash for most situations not occurring within 100 yards of a locker room, but very useful when selecting a accent color for a subtle accessory (such as a scarf of bracelet) to give a little punch to a monotone ensemble.

Split-Complementary Colors are two shades almost opposite each other on the color wheel. This one step over is responsible for the difference between high fashion electric combinations (think Versace here) and those you find in souvenirs from the T-shirt booth of an NFL stadium.  Again, a bit much for most daytime buisness situations, they can be perfect for adventurous summer nights. 

Triad Colors are found equidistant on the color wheel and provide for a very pleasing color scheme.  It is this sense of balance that separates a chic pattern for a garish one.  This scheme can be very useful when considering solids to coordinate
with a print.

Analogous colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, providing very little contrast but maximum elegance.  Favored by most designers on both sides of the Atlantic, this is perhaps your most refined and effortless way to combine multiple shades.

Monochromatic color schemes rely on only one color but rely on variations in intensity and value.
Fashion is rarely this safe and chic at the same time. As long as the color closest to your face is flattering to you, you can never go wrong with this one.

"I see colors everywhere, they are like a rainbow:" knowing what colors to choose is your personal pot of gold!

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