Design Time for June 2004:
Web Site Remodeling

Your web site is your home on the Internet. Like your home on earth, it was initially built at a considerable expense. Starting from scratch to architect a new dwelling can be so costly many people choose to remodel their current environment to reflect modern tastes and changing needs.While styles in home d├ęcor advance in decades, the explosion of web related technologies has accelerated the process dramatically. The result: a web site which seemed adequate just a year or so ago may now appear decidedly old school.

The same applies to many sites created when the "Internet" was considered a passing fad.  With your web address now on all of your corporate literature and advertising, your initial site, perhaps created in-house or hastily designed, might not present the best impression to a prospective client. 

Since we handle every site as a unique product with an individual identity, the scope of a site redesign can vary greatly. An otherwise serviceable site might simply require crisper graphics and a new background.  Other sites might benefit for fresh and professionally written copy. An animated introduction could be added to lure viewers further into your site.  E-commerce, email services and database driven modules can also be added to enhance the functionality of your site and expedite the delivery of your product and your receipt of the payment.

Retaining us to work on your website insures your website will be working for you. Sending your url in our contact form, we can evaluate how your site could benefit for a web site remodeling.







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