The Write Wing: June 2004
The opening animation is rich with sounds, movement and ideas. In the interface is streamlined, fast loading and presents the perfect framework for rich imagery that compels the user to open their eyes.  From isolating the initial look and feel of your site down to the minutia of the placement of the copyright symbol, you have agonized as your designers architect a cyberspace reality faithful to both your identity and their vision. So now that is has been built, the real question is what do you have ready for the visitor find when they get there. Your content.

"Content?" That is reaction of most people have. So much energy and focus has been spent on the esthetics of a site that the content is a last minute after thought. A notepad file with the copy from your old sales brochure or some hastily jotted lunchtime scribbles betray the polish, depth and professionalism demanded by such a powerful business tool. Even large and otherwise successful companies have settled for dazzling rather than explaining. Fresh, well-researched and logically organized content is as important to your site as your domain name.

Stunning graphics, perfect functionality and cutting edge technology without the content to give your site value and purpose will never create a successful meeting of company and client. Carefully crafted content is the final, but pivotal, component is creating a powerful experience your visitors will simply not be able to click away from. The desire to dwelve deeper into your site is what we in the web game refer to as "sticky eyeballs."  Content does not have to be hard, it just has to be good.

The Write Wing this month features content selctions from articles comissioned from us on the topics of accessories, beauty and fashion.







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